Classic Restoration to Award Winning Standards.
The team at Justin Hills Bespoke Design offer expert skills in the workmanship of;
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Fibreglass
  • Carbon fibre.
Our specialty is also our diversity in different areas of classic car restoration;
  • Mechanics
  • Chassis work
  • Electrical
  • Coachbuilding /bodywork
  • Specialty body preparation for paint
  • Interior trim work.
These skills allow our team to return classic vehicles in any condition back to their former glory.
The team at Justin Hills Bespoke Design are not just experts in their field, but are also car enthusiasts.
This enables the team to restore beautiful classic cars with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Our team prides itself in performing classic car restorations with quality to enable your beautiful classic car to stand the test of time and be appreciated by future generations.
We offer FREE pick up of your classic on full or body restoration in NSW, Victoria and QLD.
Please feel free to call if outside of these states.
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